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When my son called from college to say he needed a laptop repair job, I freaked. He could not leave school and I was working. All it took was one phone call and Exclusive Consulting and they came to the rescue. They sent a really nice guy to his apartment that afternoon that got the laptop working and showed my kid how to avoid such a crisis again. We really recommend this company.
-Linda Davis, Port Charlotte, FL
We did not know anything about computer networking, so Exclusive Consulting designed our system for us. They gave us an estimate for parts and labor that was lower than other quotes we had gotten and we had them do the installation. They know what they are doing and they are reliable, so we are glad to be able to give them a good testimonial.
-Eric Barton, Naples, FL
My computer froze up and getting to vital data was not possible. My brother recommended calling this company for computer service and they tried guiding me to a fix over the phone. When that did not work, a technician came to the house. About two hours later, I had a working computer and the data I needed was recovered. These are really great folks!
-Denise Proctor, Punta Gorda, FL
I badly needed computer service, because my PC was operating really slowly. A friend suggested that I call this company and I sure am glad I did. They sent out a tech that checked out a number of things, redid what happens when the PC opens up and deleted some stuff. Now, the PC is much faster and I don’t spend as much time waiting to use it. If you have a need, call these guys.
-Katherine Lebresky, Marco Island, FL
My company moved to a new office and the IT guys hooked up the computer system. But, they couldn’t get the networking to work right. After three days of not operating fully, we called Exclusive Consulting. They sent out a guy who fiddled with everything and got the problem fixed in just a few hours. Computer networking is supposed to be helpful, cheaper to use and efficient. Now it is, thanks to Exclusive Consulting.
-Corey Patters, North Port, FL
Out of nowhere my computer stopped working. My boss told me to call this company and the guy on the phone ended up having to send out a tech. A couple of hours later, he came and did his thing. What was wrong? My computer had a virus. Now we have new protection software they sold us for the PCs and no more viruses. That was some great computer support. Exclusive Consulting did a great job. Bravo.
-Chris Martin, Ft. Myers, FL
I run a business out of my house and had a PC problem. I called a couple of companies, but they either told me to bring the PC in or were not too anxious to do anything right away. Then, I found Exclusive Consulting online. What a difference! They sent a guy out the very same day and he fixed the problem. You can’t beat computer support like that.
-John Moore, Sarasota, FL
I have recommended this company to my friends and relatives. They don’t try to gouge you on the prices for parts, they will come out the same day and they find a solution to the problem. I have found them very reputable and good at what they do. This is one great computer support service company.
-Jeff Rylan, Everglades City, FL
Exclusive Consulting recommended a new model computer to replace my outdated and very slow unit. Their pricing was competitive and their service was outstanding. Anyone with a need for excellent computer service should call these guys for help.
-Amy Miller, Naples, FL
My experience with this company was the best. How many computer repair companies take the time on the phone to find out what your problem is before ordering parts and then sending out a technician? I now have the right parts at a good price and the nice technician took the time to make sure the problem was solved before leaving. If I ever have another problem, I will certainly call them again.
-Matthew Cooke, Cape Coral, FL
I was amazed. The Exclusive Consulting tech fixed the problem by making an installation of new equipment and then watched me use the updated system. Afterwards, he showed me ways to do computer networking faster and easier. I am happy and my boss loves the increased productivity. I really believe in these guys.
-Brock Anderson, Bonita Beach, FL
My anti-virus and spyware software were not doing the job. Exclusive Consulting suggested updated software at a fair price. They came out and deleted the old stuff and installed the new. Now I can sleep better knowing there is little chance of falling victim to someone who wants to hurt my system. Anyone who needs excellent computer support, will get it from Exclusive Consulting.
-Robert David, Estero, FL
When my PC jammed up, I figured I needed to buy a new one. Luckily, my dad called Exclusive Consulting before letting me do anything else. They asked lots of questions and zeroed in on the fact that I was storing all my photos on the hard drive. They suggested adding an external drive that they installed. Now all my graphics and photos are on the external drive and my PC runs great. We vouch for their computer service.
-Mike Fraiser, Port Charlotte, FL
I have used this company for a number of things including: replacing a corrupted hard drive and they have done what they promised and always on time. Their people are respectful and their computer service is very reliable. I can definitely recommend them.
-Michael Clem, Cape Coral, FL
While a technician from Exclusive Consulting was fixing a problem with my computer, I asked about how to protect my equipment from a power surge or lightning strike. Rather than telling me he would have to come back, he simply suggested that I go to a nearby store to buy what he suggested. When I returned, he hooked up my new purchases and I felt much safer. To me, that was great computer support.
-Richard Parrish, Bonita Springs, FL
Talk about a reputable computer repair service. These people first try to help over the phone. If that does not work, they will send a tech out quickly, usually the same day if they have all the parts. They don’t try to sell you more than you need and they don’t perform any services unless you agree.
-Phil Warren, Naples, FL
All my inventory is on my computer, so I need it to work all the time. I have tried maybe six different computer repair companies in past years and this company was the most dependable and affordable. Now, all of our branches know to use Exclusive Consulting and they seem happy with their service as well.
-Chris McCollum, LaBelle, FL
Our lab had a cable modem connectivity issue and we couldn’t wait for the cable company to send someone that evening or the next day. Exclusive Consulting was able to send out a computer service technician within hours and he brought a new modem. Our down time was much shorter than we expected and these guys saved the day, literally. They saved us money on the modem and also saved us business, as we got all our lab work finished really fast.
-Bob Tallier, Punta Gorda, FL
We had multiple computer setups at the office and decided we were wasting money. One call to the Exclusive Consulting company and now we have a state of the art computer networking system. Eleven computers use two printers and all PCs can share files. This new installation started to save us time and money right away. Exclusive Consulting comes if there is a problem and they are very dependable. We are very happy with their service.
-Mike Vansa, Naples, FL
My computer froze up and I lost some stuff done that day. Not knowing what they were capable of, I followed my dad’s advice and called this company. They passed me on to a senior technician who gave me some instructions over the phone. It turns out that he was directing me to an earlier day’s work that could be recovered. Because I got help so fast, I was able to remember some of what would have been lost for that day also. When you need exceptional computer support, do what I did. Call Exclusive Consulting!!!
-Cliff Baker, Cape Coral, FL
I just started working at home for a company that requires tight security. That means they require a certain level of encryption on all PCs that do their work. Since this was all new to me, I called their computer support company – Exclusive Consulting. They figured out what I needed, brought me the software, installed it and told me what to do. Best of all, their charge was affordable. It is nice to know you can get that kind of help at a price that is reasonable.
-Kenny Garmin, Estero, FL
If you want to deal with a computer service company that listens, responds quickly, is reliable, has friendly employees and, best of all, solves problems, check out this company. That’s what we did and they were great. We’ll call them again and again.
-Jonathan Wills, Sanibel Island, FL
How do we measure good computer repair service? Knowledge, competence, reliability professionals with a smile. That is our experience with this company. We think they are great.
-Carla Byrd, Naples, FL
The people at Exclusive Consulting are terrific. They ask the right questions to qualify your problem and they come out the same day, if needed. Best of all, they fix the problem the first time. I have used them again for other computer services and I heartily recommend them.
-Drew Beyers, Fort Myers, FL
After having purchased a faulty firewall, I was very skeptical of computer service companies. However, this company changed my opinion. They recommended fine firewall software over the phone and have since come to my house to fix equipment problems. You can’t beat that kind of service.
-Susan Parker, Bonita Springs, FL
Every computer repair technician from this company has been neat, personable and intelligent. When they leave our office, the equipment works and we don’t need immediate callbacks. These people know what they are doing and do it very well.
-Roger Williams, Estero, FL
Exclusive Consulting is definitely my computer repair source from now on. The technician came the same day that I called. He spent a half-hour analyzing the glitch and then proceeded to fix the problem. How can you beat a company that says what it does and then does what it says? Thank you, guys!
-Michelle Day, Ft. Myers, FL
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