At Exclusive Consulting, we understand the importance of having your servers up and running 100% of the time. It is just as important to have those servers up-to-date and running the most recent software. Managing a server can be a challenging and time consuming task, even for the most experienced technician. That is why, with our server management program, it is our responsibility to manage your servers 24/7/365.
What We Have to Offer

24/7 Operational Support:
Rest assured that there is a skilled staff addressing your system needs at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your server is down, we will be there to reboot and address any other issues that may have occurred, most often we are working on the solution before the business manager is even aware a problem exists.

System Monitors:
Continuous monitoring of the system resources and their interaction with each other. Errors can be detected and addressed immediately. Our monitoring software can notify us immediately of any errors that may arise from power related issues 7 network connectivity to data backup errors & unauthorized access alerts.

Application Monitors:
If an application experiences problems, they can be found and resolved promptly.

Network Hardware Monitors:
More information to come.

Management of Server Operations:
More information to come.

Server Software Support and Upgrades:
Get the latest versions of all system software: Kernel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Exim, FTP, WHM/CPanel, etc.

Server Installation & Setup:
We will help you build, setup and install your server.

Server Restoration & Backups:
We are able to perform backup and are able to restore your server from those backups, if necessary.

Server Migration:
If you are moving accounts from one server to another, we will migrate them for you from the old server to the new server

3rd Party Software Installation:
Fantastico, RVSkin, CpanelPro, CpanelXp, ClamAV, Mailscanner, URCHIN, ZendOptimizer, Ioncube, GD, Curl, Freetype, Eaccelerator, Ruby on Rails, ImageMagick, Perl modules, etc.

Server Management

Tech performing server management
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